Monday, February 23, 2009

New Blog

So Erica suggested that we create a sort of office running blog, so that we can get ideas on where good places to run are, and keep track if anybody wants to run together some time. Since the people I sent this e-mail to are the people that I know in the office actually run, that's who I sent it to; if you can think of others that would be interested, you can simply go into 'Settings' and then 'Permissions', and add authors (administrators).

I'll start the process with the run below. It was a beautiful day yesterday (temperature wise, the drizzle wasn't that great), and I really needed to get out of the house and I wanted to see the city, so I did the two-bridge run below.


  1. How fast did you run that, Michael? Because I think I could run it at least five minutes faster.

  2. I don't think so Julia, I'm VERY fast. I was running about 18 minutes per mile.

  3. I run at 17:30 per mile, so, for 11 miles, that would be 5:30 faster...exactly like i said.